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The Dalai Lama, MLK Day events and tips on behavioral change

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As we look ahead to Martin Luther King Jr. Day amidst turbulent times in the US, three great speakers provide different perspectives on race. Two behavioral experts generously share insights on how to change individual and group behaviors during a pandemic. And with impeccable timing, the Dalai Lama shares his thoughts on how great leaders can make everyone happy. All livve!!



James Baldwin wrote with great clarity about American society and the divisions caused by race. Princeton’s Eddie S. Glaude based his new book, Begin Again, on Baldwin’s insights to find a renewed sense of hope. Listen in as Glaude talks about his book and places current events in a historical context. At the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Free.

January 16, 1 pm ET.

Peniel Joseph’s book, The Sword and the Shield, examines the relationship between Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X, bold, charismatic, leaders who reframed America’s view of race. Hear him discuss their lives with Huston-Tillotson University president Collette Pierce Burnett. Jointly presented by UT Austin, LBJ Foundation, Huston-Tillotson University and Book People. Free.

January 18, 11:30 am CT

Austin Channing Brown’s parents chose her first name because they believed that it gave her a better chance of making it to interviews. Her name and the confusion that it created became the starting point for her bestseller and Reese Witherspoon book club pick, I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made For Whiteness. Join her as she talks about building community out of chaos. At the University of Virginia. Free.

January 20, 5 pm ET.


This just happens to be the week that the Dalai Lama joins Harvard Business School professor Arthur C. Brooke’s class on leadership and happiness. Tune in to hear the Dalai Lama’s thoughts. At Harvard Business School. Free.

January 16, 10:30 pm ET


Award winning British science journalist Angela Saini busted myths about women in her book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong, and about race in Superior: The Return of Race Science. Tune in to learn how science was used to create myths. At the University of Birmingham. Free.

January 18, 6 pm UK, Noon CT.

How can we keep up with our New Year resolutions at a time when nothing seems normal? How can we convince everyone to wear masks in the midst of a pandemic? Behavioral scientist Katy Milkman and social neuroscientist Jay Van Bavel are experts on human behavior. Join them as they share insights on how to change both individual and group behavior. By Behavioral Scientist and Knowable magazines. Free.

January 15, 10 am PT, 6 pm UK


Mashama Bailey is a black chef from Queens. John O. Morisano is a white entrepreneur from Staten Island. The two New Yorkers built The Grey, a celebrated restaurant, in Savannah, Georgia. Hear about their unlikely partnership and join in a cooking demonstration with James Beard winner Bailey. At the Dallas Museum of Art. $12; $40 with the book.

January 19, 7 pm CT.


Is there a code to be wildly successful? Bestselling author Steven Kotler promises just that in his new book, The Art of the Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer. Decide for yourself at the book launch as he talks to psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, author and host of the popular Psychology Podcast. By Harper Collins. Free.

January 19, 6 pm ET.

A story starts with a single sentence. What makes you want to keep reading? Booker Prize winner George Saunders turns to an unexpected source to answer that question in his new book, A Swim In the Pond In The Rain: In Which Four Russian Masters Give A Master Class on Reading, Writing and Life. Tune in as he talks to bestselling author Mary Karr. At Left Bank Books. $28 (includes a signed copy of the book).

January 20, 7 pm.

Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s Sikh empire was a sprawling regime, and the source of the fabled Kohinoor diamond. Join Sikh historian Priya Atwal as she talks about her book, Royals and Rebels: The Rise and Fall of the Sikh Empire. At TORCH, the Oxford Research Center for the Humanities. Free.

January 20, 1 pm UK.


Pop into eShe magazine’s unusual Indo-Pak conference for conversations on everything from literature, culture and peace initiatives with more than 40 women. Panelists include Sheela Reddy, author of Mrs and Mr Jinnah, two time Emmy winner Haya Fatima Iqbal and educator Meenakshi Gopinath. INR 900 (US $12.50)

January 16-17

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